It was never my dream to sail.

But I’m so glad it was Allan’s! I feel like Marco Polo, exploring new islands, meeting fascinating people, and enjoying the unique perspective from a harbor or dock.

Summers in Croatia and Greece are truly amazing, whether cooking dinner as we anchor under Poseidon’s Temple or bailing water that filled the boat during a 29 hour crossing of the Adriatic Sea.

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Temple on the Athenian Acropolis, Greece

There’s nothing like it

We love to have our sailing friends visit and sail with us, for a day or a week or a month. It’s fun to set off in the morning, enjoy the wind and waves, stop in a lovely bay for a swim and make lunch. And then sail some more!

Many nights we drop anchor in a secluded bay and have a peaceful dinner with a kaleidoscopic sunset listening the waves lapping against the boat. I sleep so soundly on a soft, moonlit night!

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Just as often we dock in a quaint village, or a lively city wandering for hours before we discover the perfect locals-only restaurant! I feel so lucky when we stumble upon a lively festival or strike up a conversation with passers by. Some of them become lifelong friends!

Sometimes we hop a bus or rent a car and travel further afield. It adds to the magical feeling of pioneering in a new environment. In fact my Blog about Meteora happened on a road trip when we left the boat for a couple of days.

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Of course storms, engine malfunctions or a leak can be scary at times, but it’s part of that lifestyle. And isn’t also life?

Wishing you fair winds and calm seas!

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