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When I get an email or a phone call from friends, they typically ask “Where are you?” instead of “How are you?” It’s because I started traveling at 6 weeks old, moved to my first foreign country at age 5, and never looked back! I’ve now lived in 6 countries and visited 55 others.

Whether with family, friends, or solo, I’m on the go! Now that I travel full time, I have more time for writing and photography. I love summers on our yacht in the Mediterranean or road trips in Europe, as well as winters at home on Maui. I’m a foodie, wine lover, hiker, sailor, paddle boarder, scuba diver and a student of other cultures.

I’ve had a career as a Psychotherapist and Hypnotherapist for 38 years, as well. I’m fascinated by others. What are THEIR worlds like? This perspective resulted in my ability to help others make rapid, profound changes in their lives. It is this very perspective that leads me to fascinating experiences in the world. I hope you find them as captivating and compelling as I do.

I write about current and past trips and share tips, and I like to mix it up! Whatever I find beautiful, amusing, or compelling, I share with you to inspire your travels.

Please message me if you’re interested in hiring a writer or photographer for your travel publication.


To learn more about the life tools I use to create this crazy life, or to ask for an appointment, visit: https://www.MaribethTheisen.com

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